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Hey There

I'm Lisa Tobin. I have started, worked for and worked with companies of all sizes and types. I work to improve processes and automate businesses to help them grow and scale using automation to simplify their lives.

All About Me

I am a productivity tools and process automation tools geek. I have been improving processes, building products and selecting automation tools for over 25 years. Fortunately, over the past 25 years, technology has improved and starting and running a business can be fully or almost fully automated to enable business owners to enjoy running their businesses while sitting on a beach, traveling the world, or pursuing other happy goals. 

My goal is to help you automate your processes as quickly and easily as possible. To help you cut through all of the noise in the market and understand what tools work, what they work best for, and how you can save time and make more money and enjoy your life more by automating everything.

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